Reza Hedayat, ‘untitled’, 2023


130 x 170 cm, 2023, Iran, Islamic Republic of

100.000,00 TRY
Reza Hedayat, ‘untitled’, 2024


2021, 2024, Iran, Islamic Republic of

90.000,00 TRY

Painter | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Reza Hedayat, born in 1966 in Korve, Kurdistan province. Throughout his childhood, he was interested in art, particularly painting, under the guidance of his uncle, the famous painter and sculptor Arab Ali Shrouh. He graduated from Farhang and Adab High School in 1983.


Working at a bookstore caused him to interrupt his education for a few years, but eventually, he started his undergraduate studies in painting in 1990. After completing his undergraduate studies in 1995, he pursued further education in painting for a year. In 1998, while completing his master's degree, he began teaching at Tehran University of Science and Literature. Hedayat started teaching at Sure Conservatory in 1991 and has been teaching at Sure University continuously since 1993, also serving as a faculty member of the university. He is one of the students of Ebrahim Jafari, Homayun Salimi, Farshid Maleki, Mehdi Hosseini, Iraj Eskandari, Mina Nouri, and Arab Ali Shrouh. Continuing his studies in art research at Isfahan University of Art in 2011, Reza Hedayat eventually discontinued his education. Since the 1990s, he has held fourteen solo exhibitions at galleries such as Haft Samar, Shirin, Aria, Negah, Mehrava, Atelier Kabood Tabriz, and Birang. Hedayat has also participated in more than thirty group exhibitions.

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